Saturday, February 21, 2009

A tisket, a tasket....a Corn Basket?

Now, you all know that I do not come from a small town, not like this one. I was rather amazed then, when I was driving west of town and came across this really cool corn basket. I really thought (and part of me still does) this was someone's wonderful idea for being creative with their corn. I could imagine the mom and children working hard to make this big basket. I think that they should put flowers in it or even better, large plastic eggs. (just in time for Easter!)I was really disappointed after I was told by my ever pratical husband, that this is not the whimsical basket I thought it is a duck blind. Yep, a duck blind. Boy, I was really sad.I mean seriously, are the ducks fooled by the big corn basket with the people sitting in it? Maybe they should put flowers in it and hide. Then the ducks would think it was just a basket of flowers? You think?
It would take alot of time to weave all this together.

I would have walked closer, but it was muddy - "sink in to your ankles" muddy.
So, I stayed in the car. Maybe the next time I drive by, there will be some hunters in it.
Or some ducks, laughing hysterically.
From this angle, it looks like it might be a boat. It is kind of "boat" shaped, you know?
Stick a mast and a sail on it, and you are good to go!
Ahhh, life in a small town.

Area Coordinators come for a visit!

The area coordinator's came for a visit at the beginning of the month. Frank and Linda Distad and Jim and Jan Barnhart. We had a great time of planning for our Area Fellowships and other stuff. We also had fun playing games one night. Linda, Jan and I played pretty good together as a team for Mad Gab.

Jim, Frank and Brett played together pretty well. It is a fun game, but really hard for me!

Can you guess what this one is?
(the answer is at the end of this entry)

Is Frank bored? I don't know....
What is that smirk on Brett's face?

Uh-oh, I don't know if Brett knows the answer.
Speaking of answer..... Buns of Steel.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Church in Mt. Morris

Well, AMF has started many different kinds of ministries around the United States, but we haven't had the opportunity to start one quite like this. I like the Potato Bar Idea, but I am not too keen on the type of church this is.

Mt. Morris, where new ideas are always welcome.....