Friday, January 16, 2009

Hometown Pictures!

And here by request, are pictures of Mt. Morris. Now, if you don't like looking at pictures of scenery, than you probably should move on. I was asked to post pictures of where I live so that people could visualize where we here we go!

Mt. Morris is a pretty cool little town. It has great huge trees and a park. It is very pretty in the fall and really has some friendly people. This amphitheater thing is in the park right in the center of town. It also has the Freedom Bell. I haven't been down to read the information, so I am not sure what it is all about. We are very patriotic! I have heard that the 4th of July celebration here is amazing!

This is the Mt. Morris Post Office. They are very nice and friendly. We really like our mail lady! She gives doggie treats to Ty.

This is the Evangelical Free Church of Mt. Morris. We go here and we like it. It is over 50 years old. I think that the very hard pews are original!

Another view out of my window. With my knee and the cold, I wasn't going to get out of the car!

This is our house. The upstairs left window is Sam's room. The Middle is Andrew, the right is the master bedroom. Downstairs left is the office, middle is living room. The squirrel lives in the tree above the office! I just saw them, they are fat and fuzzy!

Looking west down our street.

Another shot looking west. We have good neighbors.

Mt. Morris has a stoplight. This actually is Hwy. 72.

Downtown Mt. Morris. There is a Hallmark Store with a florist, a couple of bars and not much else.

Our water tower. It is pretty cool to drive around and see all the different water towers. I think I should make a coffee table book...."Water Towers of the Midwest". Our tower is right by the library. It is alot bigger than it looks.

Oregon High School - Where the boys go. This is the old building. It has a huge new gym complex behind it. It is kind of a neat old building - reminds me of Corvallis, Oregon High School.
Well, there you have it, the old hometown. I will try to post more pictures as the seasons change. Even though we are far from family, every time we travel, when we come back, we are always glad to see Mt. Morris. Life is slower here - we were just complaining about having to drive 20 minutes to a DQ - but that is probably for the best! Sometimes we go stir crazy and have to get into the big city, but for the most part, it is quite a nice place to live!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's been awhile!

I know it has been awhile since I have updated this blog, but it has been busy. I haven't been able to sit at my desk too comfortably until this week (because of my knee). So, here we go!
I put these pictures on my facebook page, but for those of you NOT on facebook (and you know who you are...) here are the pictures of Andrew's 18th birthday! Can you all believe it? He is an adult. That is totally scary!
We don't really do birthday cake at our house, so we had ice cream instead. Andrew picked out cookies and cream and we put one of my votive candles on it. (No birthday candles to be found!)

We had presents...this is the Disney Scene it game...He rocks at this! So if you come to visit, we will test your Disney trivia...if you have the stomach for it!

It was a Star Wars birthday. Andrew must own enough Star Wars figures to populate his own universe. Come to think of it, since he seems to live in his own universe most of the time, he probably does. I can hear those Star Wars fans out there saying "too many star wars figures? You can never have too many star wars figures".
Trust me, you can.

Legos from Nick and Alena - always a hit. If you combined the Legos star wars and the regular star wars....yikes!
Val and Joe came from Waukegan to visit! We loved having relatives...Val is Sam and Andrew's cousin. It was fun. Joe is an awesome guitar player and he and Sam jammed for a bit. Val is always fun to have around! We got all caught up!
Just so you know...Andrew is a legal adult now, but I am petitioning the court here for guardianship. We are in the process and will let you know how things go. I don't anticipate any problems. It is all a new learning experience for me. The Sheriff will come to the house and subpeona Andrew. Brett and I thought about staging a fight on the front lawn so that when the Sheriff comes, the neighbors would think we were getting in trouble....but we decided that it wouldn't be good for the reputation of the mission...or our family....
I will try to post more soon. My second job starts really in earnest this week, so I am busier. Will try to get more pictures from Christmas up...
oh, Happy New Year!