Saturday, August 30, 2008

The squirrel really is crazy...

I know that you don't believe me about the squirrel. I will take a picture of him sometime and post it! It is unbelievable. I was unloading the trunk of my car and he sat on a tree branch and scolded me for as long as it took to unload my car! I couldn't believe it, so I made Brett come out and see. That squirrel just chattered at both of us and then after I was done, he fell asleep on the limb of the tree with all of his feet hanging off the branch. It was pretty funny! Now our neighbor, Howard, knows about the crazy squirrel too. He thought it was funny, maybe the squirrel was just welcoming me to the neighborhood! Ha! I think it is out to get the groundhog in "Caddyshack".

Thursday, August 28, 2008

And now, random pictures!

This is our little buddy and his big dad! Asher and his family are moving to the Oregon Coast...further from us. *sigh*
This is another little buddy...Toaster...gotta love those dimples, they are just like his dad's!
Me and the clown I married....25 years ago! Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!
Janni and me - I miss her too. And her two girls!
IFEST in 2009!!!
Tim and Sam - feeling a little bit piratey!

The squirrel that hates me...

I have heard stories in the past about squirrels that hate people, but I haven't experienced it for myself until yesterday as I was putting out the dog. We have a big (think HUGE) oak tree at the side of the house that is occupied by a variety of small animals including one extremely irritated squirrel. Now I am not sure what I did to irritate him, but he is very cranky. So I am putting out the dog, untangling her leash and suddenly I hear some chattering and squirrel swearing! Now I know that he was cussing me out just by the tone of voice! Anyhoo, he looks right at me, chitters away in squirrel and when I just ignore him and turn away....he throws a nut at me! I am not kidding. It landed inches from my head, right on the outdoor table! I will try to get pictures of him being a bad squirrel, just so someone will believe me. Brett doesn't...oh, if the dog could only talk! Then, this morning as I was headed out to get the mail, I hear the same cranky squirrel in the tree out front! He is out to get me, I am sure of that! Brett said it is okay, that we have a pellet gun....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I met Edna at the store...

It is funny in this little town how very nice people are. I mean, most of them are over 60, but they are very friendly and really like to talk. NO ONE moves fast in this town. They chat at the grocery store, the gas station, mini mart, the library and post office. I find myself not being in a hurry very much, sometimes not by choice.
I met Edna the other day at the store. She was in front of me in line. She was probably the cutest old lady I have ever met...and I have met my share of cute old ladies. She was so sweet and just could not figure out why I would leave Montana for Illinois. It certainly opens up opportunities to talk about why we moved and what we are doing here. I mean, God comes up in the conversation alot.
I also met Len down at the library. Brett and I were in there getting our library cards (I can't go with out a public library) and we had to fill out alot of paper work. Apparently in Mt. Morris, they guard their library books very closely! We filled out the address, then when we turned the card over, we realized that we had to have a reference! To take a quick bunny trail here, I haven't ever had to have a reference for a library I said, books are very important around here. On the plus side, the library card was FREE! Back to the story. Well, Brett and I looked at each other and started laughing. We didn't know anyone in town! Not a stinkin' soul. I told the librarian - a very nice lady - that I didn't know anyone...and that is when I met Len. He was waiting in line behind me and he stepped up, looked at me and said, " I think I have met you before. My name is Len. " We shook hands and he turned to the librarian and said, " I know her, you can use me for a reference!" We just cracked up. What a sweet old guy! (yes, another of the over 60 or in his case, probably over 70 crowd!)

So life in this town goes on...pretty sweet.

Oh and for those of you who might want a report on how Sam is doing...He is marching in the band, yes, marching. Which he tells me is alot like Guitar Hero....You will have to ask him what that means, because frankly, I didn't get it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am frustrated...

Okay, so I am not great at this blogging thing. I want everyone to know that the profile and the "posted by" thingys aren't working. I am not Brett and he definatly doesn't want to be blamed for what is on this blog. So...It is me (Cindy) writing all this stuff. I will try my best to get the profile thingy figured out. Meanwhile, enjoy...Oh and check out the Montana Belleque's blog that Brett does write!

Wow, it worked!

Okay, I was a little doubtful that I could figure out how to do this "blogging" thing, but look I did it! Neener Neener! Anyway I actually put a picture on the page too. I am going to try to do that again. Oh, about the blog's picture. That is my really nifty family! Lets see, there is Alena, Nick, Brett(the hunka, hunka burning love that is my husband OF 25 YEARS!)Sam, Thomas and Kristine! Andrew is missing from the picture - can you blame him? Can you guess which ones are mine??? Two of these things are not like the others...that is, they are not Belleque's! If you don't know me and you guess right, I will send you a piece of candy! Really, I will.

These are pictures from the WEDDING! It was so great!

Doesn't Emily look gorgeous! I love the way the sparklers are in focus, but Em isn't! It was so much fun to see all our friends.

Glen and Donna are their usual funny selves...I miss them! Glen performed the wedding! It was, as he put it, "world's colliding!"

The picture of Kris with her brothers just cracks me up! It is how she mostly looks when she's with them - the "I can't believe they are related to me" look. She has perfected it!

Well, school here has started last week. I think the kids are going to make it, not sure though. Kris and Thomas started this week. Nick and Alena are moving to Wyoming to have a fresh start and take care of the 'rents. (Brett's, not mine!) It is a good time, but everything is changing so fast. I can't believe that I am in Illinois, my dad is in Oregon with my sister and brother, my other sister is in Arizona and my kids are in Wyoming! CRAZY! Just a year ago, we didn't have Thomas, we were cruising along in our quiet little world, but God apparently had a different plan in mind. Although I knew without a doubt that Illinois is where he wanted us, I still have trouble believing that I am here. Anyone want to buy a house in Montana? I got one.

Well, I never thought I'd have a blog...

I really didn't thing I would have a blog. And then I moved away from all that was familiar to me and into the really small town I live in and think I love. Not sure yet. The juries still out on that one. Anyway, I digress. I decided that having a blog would be a good way to keep in touch, show off pictures and generally vent to the public at large. I don't intend to be a whiner, although I am sure there will be days...but I do think that a chance to say what I want to say about my life might be good for me. If you don't want to listen, that is okay. I think there are lots of other blogs available to browse! So hopefully I won't bore you to tears!