Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day...

Life in a small town means lots of department stores, less traffic, learning to pass tractors and combines on the highway and parades! Every holiday has a parade! IT IS SO COOL! Today the Oregon High School Band played at the Memorial Day services in the local cemetary.
But first, the parade. The Color Guard from the local VFW.

Brownie troops marched.

The bag piper played here and at the cemetary afterwards.

Some of the veterans. And the boy scouts.

The Oregon High School Band marched in.

Sam didn't march, we hauled stuff over and is hard to march with the tuba.
Although he has done it before!

The Color Guard.

Some of our veterans. There was a gun salute too.

The band played. The wind was blowing so Sam had to use his one-handed tuba playing skills!

One of our senators. He made a really good speech. Short and to the point!

Laying of the wreaths.

The band played on.

There are those one-handed skills again!

The girl scouts and Brownies put flowers on the veteran's graves.

I think it is important to remember those missing in action. I can't imagine never knowing what happened to someone I loved. It would be so difficult.

Honoring those who have given their lives for our freedom. The speaker quoted someone who said to not only to mourn those who died, but to thank God that they lived. I don't know if I appreciate the sacrifices enough.
But I do want to thank Matt and Carl, Karl and Ben -
just a few who served and who continue to serve.
Thank you very much. Your sacrifice means my freedom. I am thankful that you all came home in one piece. If I were there with you, I would give you a hug.

Lake Blaine Kickball

For those of you who don't know what Lake Blaine Kickball is, well, I am sorry for you! It is possibly the funnest way to play kickball ever invented! LBK works this way: there are 4 bases and a pitcher. Everyone else is outfield. The person up to "bat", kicks the ball as hard as they can and runs around the bases. You get points for each base you touch and you can get out if the outfielders hit you with the ball or touch home plate. It is a fun way to play and even slow runners (like me) can usually make one point! In our backyard, the trees took quite a beating. We had several time outs when you had to climb the tree to get the ball.
We had company this night - Lance and Caleb Mennen came over for dinner. Caleb caught on pretty quick to the game, for that matter, so did Lance - but then, he is a youth pastor!

Going for home plate! I think the ball is in the tree!

Negotiating the rules. Kristine was designated pitcher...she didn't want to run.

And here's the reason why! Too much baby...
It is really cool to watch your child have a child. I have said that before, but it is a funny feeling!
Can't wait to meet the little bugger!

Baby Robins

Right outside of my office window is a Robin's nest. It has been so cool to watch the birds build it, then sit on the eggs and the other day I noticed a bright yellow beak sticking up. So I climbed up on the roof...yes, I did... and took some pictures.
Isn't this sweet?
At first I thought there was only the one, because I couldn't see around the tree branch!

But then I went upstairs and looked out Sam's window and look at that! There are 3 of the little tweethearts! I am sorry about the quality of picture, I couldn't get the screen out.

There is Mama Robin. She saw me on the roof and I am thinking she thought that I was a very large and clumsy cat. So she watched me pretty close. Every once in a while, she would fly to a branch a little ways from the nest and start to tweet. After a little bit a few more Robins would be sitting in tree branches around me. I guess she thought that she had to call for reinforcements!This picture cracked me up! I held really still and focused the camera. She would land on the nest and then peer around at me. Wonder what she is thinking?

Kris and Thomas are here!

Spring has come to Illinois and it is time for the annual (or monthly) trip to see the Blackhawk statue across the river in Oregon. This time we took Kris and Thomas because they hadn't ever been there. It was a gorgeous day! Not many flowers blooming yet, but we enjoyed the trip anyway. If you come and visit us, we will take you there too!
Kris and Thomas at the statue...
Embarking on a LOOOOOONG walk down to the river. I have gone partway down, Sam and Andrew all the way....At the bottom! (the zoom on my camera is on the highest! It is a long way down!)

Going down isn't too is coming back up! So they had to stop about halfway to rest!

The final steps up!

The Paddlewheel boat was out on the river. We could hear the music. It looks like alot of fun.

Good twangy music!

She doesn't look very pregnant! It was a really nice day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Mania!

Okay, I know, I know....too much Grandbaby stuff and you will all just quit reading the blog, BUT (and I am sure you will hear this again) I just had to post this. About 3 weeks ago we got a picture message on our phones of the latest edition to the Belleque/Rogers clan. I was sitting in the parking lot of a convience store and when I saw it, I started to cry. I couldn't help it. The man taking a smoking break look at me like I was nuts, but I couldn't quit laughing and crying. It was rather pathetic. Even more pathetic than that though, was the next day at work, I showed some of my co-workers....okay, they were very excited for me, but I think I better wait for the baby to be out of the uterus before I show them anymore pictures. Yes, I am fully aware that I am going to be the grandmother with the pictures in my purse....That I KNOW you will want to see!
By the way, tough-guy Brett, cried too. (don't tell him I told you, it will ruin his image!)
Baby Rogers....about 12 weeks, I think.
Then about 2 days ago, we got a 4-D ultrasound picture.

Apparently, the child is shy because the back is turned, but LOOK, it has arms! and a head! and little tiny hands. I can't believe that I can see this child! It is only peanut size! Okay, maybe a bit bigger.

Wow, there isn't anything more amazing that has happened to me than this baby. I can't wait to see it's arrival into this world. They say that the first one is the special one, but honestly, I can't imagine getting tired of this whole grandma thing!

Spring Band Concert

It was the final Spring Choir/Band Concert of the year....remember, this is a very big deal and rightly so...Sam is the baritone/tuba player extroidinaire! I am not sure I spelled that correctly, but you know what I mean. Anyway, Sam has been working VERY hard all year to be able to play in Jazz band - which by the way has only a couple of freshman in it - and he was making his big debut tonight. I have to admit, the Jazz band is pretty darn AWESOME! They only practice a couple of times a week, but they are great.
Me, at the concert. No, I am not making a face about how the band sounds. Brett caught me just before a sneeze or something. Who says I can't laugh at myself! If you can't be this.

Slick Sam, the baritone man.

Miriam and someone who shall remain nameless (cause I don't know his name) on the xylophone thingy...They were pretty impressive. The mallets were blurry, they were moving so fast!
Pretty cool.

Sam in his Jazz band gear. I appreciate that Mr. Ekhardt makes them dress up, it is the only time I see Sam in something other than a t-shirt.

Normally, Sam wears a silver studded belt with his black pants, but he opted out and wore his black chucks instead. They are his "dress" shoes.

more baritone

The whole group - choir and band and teachers.
Oregon High School ranks # 3 in the STATE of Illinois in music. They earn points in band, marching, choir, soloist and ensemble pieces. It is pretty impressive when you think of the size of some of the schools in Illinois (think Chicago) that these kids ranked #3. Oregon High School is about 600 kids.