Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Here are the long awaited pictures of the newest addition to the Belleque clan! She is the most beautiful girl in the world! On October 19, 2009 Kris and Thomas added Cinda Ruth Rogers to the family! We are sooooo excited that it is a girl!
Great Grandma

Uncle Nick

Great Grandpa

The Rogers Family!
Isn't Cinda just the cutest?!

I love this picture. No one sleeps like a baby sleeps! She is just grand!
I promise not to be a gushing granny, but still....it is hard.
The sad thing is, Brett hasn't had the opportunity to hold her and meet her yet. He couldn't clear his schedule for a visit and since they live so far from us, I got to go, but he had to stay. I have a feeling at Christmas we will have to fight Grandpa for a chance to hold her!
So welcome, Baby Girl...no one could be more loved by your great grands, grands, aunts, uncles, aunties and cousins! Blessings on you!