Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's been a long time!

It has sure been a long time since I posted on the blog. I think that I am just going to start from scratch! I still live in a small town, but so much has changed since I first started blogging here! For starters, Brett and I visited the Jelly Belly Factory for Valentine's Day. Now most people go out for a nice dinner or something romantic, NO WAY! Not my man! We went on a train ride (wearing silly paper hats) around the Jelly Belly Factory! Of course, I did get free jelly beans! So it was worth it!

We are grandparents to the most beautiful girl in the world! AND soon to be grandparents to the most beautiful boy in the world. He hasn't yet made his arrival, but check for pictures later on!

There's the little bugger now!! Happily resting inside his mama's tummy! Yep, we are pretty excited! Brett said he can't wait for his new best friend to arrive! It has been pretty awesome having Kris close for this one. She was in Wyoming when Cinda was born. Brett didn't get to meet Cinda until she was 2+ months old! Pretty nifty to be around to see him the same day he is born! Come On, Baby...come on out!! ( I think Kris looks like she is carrying a basketball around under her shirt! I always looked like I had a round beanbag chair!)

I think I stopped posting here because of Facebook. I feel like I am redundant when I post pics on facebook, then again on the blog! I know some of you aren't on facebook, so maybe this is better.

AHH, the great blizzard of 2011! About 4 feet of snow drifted up against the back door. The only door we could get out was the side door, which is good, cause that is where the dog goes out to do her "duty". In Montana we had to pitch her off the deck to get her to go in the snow and not on the deck! Here, she just goes in her own little spot.

I will just leave you with a little picture of the sweetest thing in my life....

She loves the camera! And has to look at the digital screen in the back everytime you take a picture.
Have a great day!

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