Sunday, March 20, 2011

He's Here!

We welcomed Nicodemus Everett Rogers into the world on March 15, 2011. He was born at 7:10 pm and like the Nicodemus of the Bible, "he came at night". He weighed in at 8#1oz and was 20 inches long! He is a cutie pie! He has lots of black hair like his daddy.
We will call him Nico. (nee-co)
Cinda is liking the big sister gig AND she is learning about gentleness...

He was born within 3 hours and so he doesn't have that squishey newborn look!
He is just about perfect!

Kris, Cinda, Nico and Thomas! What a nice family!

Aunt Alena was there too!
We couldn't be more delighted with the whole thing!

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Alena said...

I just love these pictures!! :) But not as much as I love dat Nico! ♥